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Dress your nails with some sassy summertime style


Breakthrough formula with real aluminium for a whole new kind of reflectance.

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Multi-dimensional glitter for a unique splatter effect.

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Limited edition matte finish. One stroke. One coat. Done.

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Limited edition embellishment kits.

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Sally Inspires

Did somebody say free polish!? We're giving away two limited-edition #CSM shades inspired by @MPnails! Details here: http://t.co/guPrvWjAZ0
2 days ago
We're excited to be here! RT @InfluensterVox: We are so excited to have you all at the #MiracleMani Twitter Party! @SallyHansen
1 day ago
3 days ago


Before you lead that meeting, you'll need a fierce mani to match your confidence level. A quick, 2-step Miracle Gel mani will give you time to prep, and guarantee that you'll command the room. #MiracleMani #SpiceAge

4 days ago


When you're feeling fiery, you need a red-hot mani to match! Miracle Gel's Fired Up Metallics collection will keep your nails looking hot with up to 14 days of color and shine. #MiracleMani #WineStock

RT @InfluensterVox: With over 45 shades, you can wear a different one for every occasion! Have you tried any others? #MiracleMani @SallyHansen
1 day ago