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Gradual Tanning Lotion
Instant sun-kissed glow builds to a perfect tan

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Nail Hardener & Cuticle Eraser

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The look of a gel – without the light

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Skip the salon, get the results.
7 benefits of a salon manicure in 1 bottle.

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Sally Inspires

1 week ago


#Repost @rocky_barnes Eye see you nail art via @sally_hansen #maniinaminute #nailart #evileye #sp #instadri

1 day ago


Add #InstaDri to your list of Mom Knows Best. In less time than it takes to prep your famous dish, you can have a #ManiInAMinute. #InstaNails #Mani

or ⛲️ ? There's a #MiracleGel shade for everyone! Take our #MiracleMatch quiz to find yours http://t.co/FLmh1IZdHY http://t.co/tqbyjrWqm7
6 days ago
3 days ago


Love a good #horoscope? Say hello to the #CompleteSalonManicure Beachside Astrologer collection designed with @Cosmopolitan! #Taurus, the stars aligned and your color is #TemptingTaurus. #Nailstagram #ZodiacNails

4 days ago


#Repost @laceandglaze Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri polish gave me an insta-transformation! With this new polish that has both a base coat and top coat built in, you can have a #ManiInAMinute. I painted my nails right before work and they were dry as soon as I put the bottle away! I'm loving this color, Cherry Fast, it makes a bold statement and makes me feel empowered. #sallyhansen #nailpolish

Coordinate your springtime fun by taking the #MiracleMatch quiz to find the perfect polish! http://t.co/FLmh1IHCjo http://t.co/QLIHkFYLDR
4 days ago