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Stylish, new fabric-inspired special

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Sally Inspires

1 day ago


A Miracle Gel™ #mani has a high return on its investment. All you need is the base color and top coat, and you get a #MiracleMatch that lasts up to 14 days! #MiracleMani #WineStock

Wrap up a custom #manicure regimen and gift it to your friends this year. It's the gift that keeps on giving! #CSM http://t.co/L7UGRjWqEx
6 days ago
Show off your holiday spirit w/ a gold-studded #MiracleMani using Miracle Gel™. Thanks, @MissPopNails! http://t.co/ofmA3DZBrV
1 day ago
1 week ago


Dress your #nails in red and gold this season. Try this crescent #nailart in the #CompleteSalonManicure #RedMyLips and #WeddingGlitters shades. #Manicure

3 days ago


We pledge never to text and drive! Who's with us? #RedThumb