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The look of a gel – without the light

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Nail Hardener & Cuticle Eraser

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Gradual Tanning Lotion
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Sally Inspires

15 hours ago


#MiracleGel™ matches are sprouting up everywhere! Find your perfect color by taking our #MiracleMatch quiz.

Upload your Insta-Girl mani today & mention #InstaDriContest and #Sporty for a chance to win! http://t.co/BxsaCif5KZ http://t.co/OT8Xf7cwNV
4 days ago
3 days ago


Spring flowers reimagined; a fresh take on the petal print trend by our Global Color Ambassador, @MPNails. Get the look: 1) Start with a dark base in #CSM shade, #DarkHuemor. 2) Scatter with a bright bouquet of seasonal colors. #MadelineMonday


You've voted and let us know what your Miracle Gel perfect pair is for Date Night! Step out in style with a pair of designer heels to match your #MiracleMani.

Fill out the form below for a chance to win both a pair of heels and your own Miracle Gel Polish!   #Miracle Match! #Contest #Sweeps #DateNight #MiracleMani

OFFICIAL RULES: http://www.sallyhansen.com/MiracleMatchTermsofService

RT @DaniellaMonet: I used @SallyHansen's insta-dri nail polish to get this girly #maniinaminute and now my hand won't stop posing #sp http://t.co/E8RKdeDz6G
1 day ago
1 week ago


Forget the rabbit's foot, we're wearing #MiracleGel™ as a lucky charm today! Take our #MiracleMatch quiz to find your #FridayThe13th color. You might land on the #BlackyO or #GameofChromes shades.