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Dress your nails with some sassy summertime style


Breakthrough formula with real aluminium for a whole new kind of reflectance.

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Multi-dimensional glitter for a unique splatter effect.

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Limited edition matte finish. One stroke. One coat. Done.

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Limited edition embellishment kits.

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Sally Inspires

Now's the time to try our Salon Gel Polish starter kit. We've reduced prices at all retailers! Buy yours today: http://t.co/2oENccBsr2
16 hours ago
1 week ago


Our #iHeartNailArt winners have landed in NYC and are gearing up for tonights finale competition! First stop: Empire State Building and Sally Hansen Headquarters!

Once you've made up your nails, you've got to protect them! Our AHAN Strengthening Top Coat is the perfect shield. http://t.co/AJsRAMSTpq
3 days ago
With just 2 steps and no light needed, Miracle Gel is ready to answer your nail polish prayers. #MiracleMani http://t.co/gw8w87CZTF
1 week ago
1 week ago


Look two! Garden Party! Can't wait to see the final looks. #iHeartNailArt #nailart #SallyHansen