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Limited edition.
Create & Ornate with Glitter & Mattes.

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7 benefits in 1 bottle.

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Limited Edition Special Effects Fuzzy
Coats & Big Glitters

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Sally Inspires

2 days ago


We ❤️ @herzgebluem’s #CompleteSalonManicure gradient #nailart in #GlitterBomb! Keep those #NailArtNov looks coming! #FrenchTip is up next.

Do you have a #HumpDay beauty routine that gets you revved up for the rest of the week?
3 days ago
.@MPNails has conquered the tricky combination of elegant, yet contemporary #nailart. Learn from the master, here: http://t.co/aIxqGqosPN
1 week ago
6 days ago


Nobody can match our excitement for our #FiredUpMetallics Miracle Gel™ line! We're addicted. #MiracleMatch #MiracleMani #mani #manicure

#InstaDri is ready to go in 60 seconds, meaning more time to celebrate #TacoTuesday with the girls! #manicure
5 days ago
So many #fall colors, why not try them all?! Make sure to treat your nails with #NailRehab to keep them healthy and strong between looks.
3 days ago