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Happy Easter! We've got your perfect Easter mani covered

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Daily defense from water and wear.

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Stop nails from breaking!

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Easy and flawless fashion manicure.

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One Stroke. One Coat. Done.

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Gel manicure for mom.
Up to 2 week wear. No dry time.

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Skip the salon, get the results.
7 benefits of a salon manicure in 1 bottle.

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Sally Inspires

2 weeks ago


When your #nails come out this good, say yes to that cupcake. #TripleShine #FlameOn #ManiMonday #Nails #Fuchsia #Cupcake

2 weeks ago


Inspired by our non-stop shine Triple Shine polish, we'll tell the stories of four amazing women who have stopped at nothing to achieve success and who always #ShineOn. First up is pro-surfer @ANASTASIAASHLEY an athlete who's proven that big wave surfing is not just an all boys club. Stay tuned for the full video reveal Friday! #nails #nailart

Theres nothing more beautiful than a confident woman. Thank you for continuing to inspire us http://t.co/U67ykiloaF
1 week ago
3 weeks ago


#NailArt doesn't have to be hard. Use #SalonEffectsStrips for an easy look in minutes. #TieDyeFor