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The look of a gel – without the light

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Nail Hardener & Cuticle Eraser

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Gradual Tanning Lotion
Instant sun-kissed glow builds to a perfect tan

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Sally Inspires

Show off #spring's fuchsia trend with #XtremeWear's #PopChart shade from the Dancing Queen collection. http://t.co/Kuk8wtmRdG
6 days ago


Please review the Terms and Conditions here.

15 hours ago


Whoever told you not to play with your food never saw our #nailart! This #NationalPretzelDay have fun with your #mani using #XtremeWear shades, #BreezyBlue and #MauveOver.

RT if your idea of #SundayFunday includes a nail file and a brand new color for the week!
1 week ago
1 week ago


When someone says, "gimme five" today - make sure your #XtremeWear #mani is ready! Try your move wearing the #BabeBlue shade. #NationalHighFiveDay

Another wedding RSVP? Wear a shade like #AtTheAltar from the #CSM Bridal Collection & you'll be the guest of honor. http://t.co/2s49yZFuof
4 days ago