Prepare Yourself

With any hair-removal process — depilating, bleaching or waxing — always make sure the area is clean, dry and free of any lotions, creams, perfumes and makeup. These products can keep the hair-removal process from working correctly.

Sally Inspires

6 days ago


Can't color commit? Miracle Gel™ gives you the benefits of a gel, but removes like regular polish, so you can have fun with color. Press play to see what we mean! #MiracleMani #MiracleMatch

Cats rule the internet, and now they can rule your nails too! Rock this #XtremeWear #nailart for #NationalCatDay!
1 day ago
2 weeks ago


It’s the season for layering, and we’re not just talking clothes. Add a coat of #NailGrowthMiracle treatment at the beginning and #AdvancedHardAsNails at the end of your next #mani for longer, stronger nails. #nails #SallyHansen