Wax strip kits for face and body

1-2-3 and you are hair free! No mess and no microwave. We bring you the ultimate wax kit that tackles both long and even short hair.

Sally Inspires

Fashion icon @StellaMcCartney inspired this black and blue pattern by @MPnails. BTW, Happy Birthday Stella! #NYFW http://t.co/q4VX2nKBIa
2 days ago
6 days ago


We're having a cow (sorry, we couldn't resist) over @mpnails' animal print nail art, inspired by this @adamselman cutout dress. #NYFW #Fashion #Mani #Nails #CompleteSalonManicure

Which would you rather travel with? The most- liked item is up for grabs w/a Miracle Gel™ shade! #MiracleMani #sweeps http://t.co/ZrN0K26orx
3 days ago