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Chelsea Gets Nailed

Sally Hansen caught up with “Chelsea Gets Nailed” to get her tips on the nail art trends. She joined us for a Q&A:

Hometown: Long Beach, California

Q When did you start creating nail art?

A My senior of high school (3 years ago) I began to paint my nails with simple designs and my passion just grew from there!

Q What inspires you most in your designs?

A I love getting inspired by fashion! I'll look online or at runway trends for inspiration and go from there.

Q What was the most challenging design you've done yet?

A I once did a Star Wars nail design with a different character on each nail! I tried to make each one as realistic as possible so it was very time consuming. For both hands I think I ended up spending almost 5 hours on them!

Q What nail artists do you follow on Instagram?

A Too many to count! A few of my favorites are @chalkboardnails (her nails and photos always look flawless!), @spifster (amazing lines and detail!), @nail_swag, @leximartone, and @nailgurlnyc. My list goes on and on!

Q What advice do you give to the contestants?

A My best advice would be to be as clean and neat as possible! Cleaning up excess polish around the cuticles makes a huge difference in the appearance of the nails. Also, taking your photo in nice lighting works great too! Try taking it outside, the lighting is perfect. Good luck!


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