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Sally Hansen caught up with “DearNatural62” to get her tips on the nail art trends. She joined us for a Q&A.

Hometown: New York

Q When did you start creating nail art?

A 2000

Q What inspires you most in your designs?

A Fashion, Music, My surroundings and my DN Fans (they are constantly pushing me and giving me new suggestions)

Q What was the most challenging design you’ve done yet?

A Water Marbling, but with practice and time, I have mastered it.

Q What nail artists do you follow on Instagram?

A Nailgurlnyc, Lisa_Beth, Polishallthenails

Q What advice do you give to the contestants?

A couple of things, I'm not looking for perfection but inspiration and make sure to present a finished looked, please take clear and focused pictures and last but not least please follow all the rules because I don't want anyone to be disqualified for any reason.

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