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Hannah Rox Nails

Sally Hansen caught up with “Hannah Rox Nails” to get her tips on the nail art trends. She joined us for a Q&A.

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Q When did you start creating nail art?

A I started half way through nail tech school about four years ago. Our teacher showed us very simple techniques on how to create flowers, and I was really interested in seeing what else I could create! I have always loved art, so I finally found my niche by creating it on nails!

Q What inspires you most in your designs?

A I get inspired by uniqueness! I try to be as unique as possible. Sometimes I just sit there and think of what I can come up with next off the top of my head! I love creating a design that is simple, easy, yet eye catching and fabulous! I love to be different!

Q What was the most challenging design you’ve done yet?

A It's between free handing Batman and Superman symbol nails, or the Earth nails I did a while ago! They are both pretty detailed and time consuming, but I loved the end result!

Q What nail artists do you follow on Instagram?

A Steph Stone, Madeline Poole, and Jin Soon Choi are some of my favorites!

Q What advice do you give to the contestants?

A Have lots of fun! Nail art is all about expressing yourself, and your own style, so go for it!

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