Abstract Angle


Abstract Angle

Get to know all the angles to this nail art look using the limited edition ColorFoil™ collection!

It is recommended to use ColorFoil™ without a base or top coat to achieve the optimal chrome effect!

Apply 2 coats of Purple Alloy (wait 3 minutes between each coat).


Apply 2 coats of Minted Metal diagonally across  the top half of the nail, and allow nails to dry completely.Cut a piece of tape in a “V” shape and apply the base of the V at a slight angle, starting at the base of the nail.


Apply 2 coats of Lacey Lilac to the exposed area of the nail.  Allow to dry thoroughly before removing tape.

Sally Inspires

1 week ago


Spring flowers reimagined; a fresh take on the petal print trend by our Global Color Ambassador, @MPNails. Get the look: 1) Start with a dark base in #CSM shade, #DarkHuemor. 2) Scatter with a bright bouquet of seasonal colors. #MadelineMonday

Pastels? Neutrals? With winter blues behind us, what color trends are you looking forward to seeing?
4 days ago