Anchors Away


Anchors Away

Ahoy there! Get on board with our fun & playful take on the maritime nail look.


Apply 2 coats of White On (wait 3 minutes between each coat)


Using the Red Pen, paint 4 horizontal stripes across nail and allow the color to dry


Using the Blue Pen, draw an anchor shape vertically in the center of the nail

Sally Inspires

1 week ago


And our first Nail art theme of the night is...New York City of course! The girls have 30 min to complete their nail art looks before going to our panel of judges! #iHeartNailArt #SallyHansen #NYC

A no-light-need mani with extra time to match? Miracle Gel's 2-step process gives you all of the above. #MiracleMani
5 hours ago