Color Block Queen


Color Block Queen

Take your color block mani to the next level using the limited edition Color Frenzy™ collection!

Remember to use a base and top coat to make your nail art last longer!

Apply 2 coats of Pink Blink (wait 3 minutes between each coat) and allow to dry thoroughly.


Using tape, block off 2 opposite quarters of the nail, and apply 2 coats of Mint Sorbet to the exposed areas of the nail. 


Apply 1 coat of Candy Drops and 1 coat of Green Machine over Mint Sorbet sections of the nail. Allow to dry completely before removing tape.

Sally Inspires

4 days ago


July's almost over, but we've got the to #ThePerfectFinish! Press play to see how effortlessly #AirbrushLegs gets your legs looking flawless in seconds.

Press play to see how easy it is to use #AirbrushLegs for fab, flawless legs. #ThePerfectFinish
4 days ago
6 days ago


Watch to see how to instantly enhance your #summer look with #AirbrushLegs. #ThePerfectFinish
1⃣ Shake well and spray into hand
2⃣ Apply evenly to legs and feet
3⃣ Allow to set 60 seconds before dressing