Floral Femme


Floral Femme

Get this unique floral design using the limited edition ColorFoil™ collection!

It is recommended to use ColorFoil™ without a base or top coat to achieve the optimal chrome effect!

Apply 2 coats of Titanium Flush (wait 3 minutes between each coat).


Apply 2 coats of Cobalt Chrome to the top half of the nail.


Using the Detailer Brush, create a small half circle on the left side of the nail with Yellow Gold, where Titanium Flush and Cobalt Chrome meet. Repeat on the right side of the nail using Sterling Silver, and follow by creating a full circle between the two half circles with Purple Alloy.


Using the Detailer Brush and White On, create the outline of flower petals inside and around the circles. 

Sally Inspires

2 days ago


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