Fringe Fever


Fringe Fever

Get a textured fringe look using Xtreme Wear shades and the I Heart Nail Art Fringe Kit!


Apply 2 coats of Celeb City (wait 3 minutes between each coat). Allow to dry completely.


Cut tape into a rectangle and small square; apply the rectangle to top right side of nail and apply the square to bottom left corner of nail. Apply two coats of Blizzard Blue to the exposed nail.

TIP: Before applying adhesive tape, rub tape on the back of your hand to make it less sticky. This will ensure tape does not damage color coat.


Once nail is dry, paint top coat over the blue sections and apply Blue Fringe while the top coat is still wet. Allow to dry completely and remove the tape.


Paint top coat over the silver sections and apply Silver Fringe while it is still wet.

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Add #InstaDri to your list of Mom Knows Best. In less time than it takes to prep your famous dish, you can have a #ManiInAMinute. #InstaNails #Mani

Love watercolor #nailart but hate the mess on your fingers? Stick tape around your nail beds for easy cleanup. #SallyTips
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