In Full Bloom


In Full Bloom

Create floral nail art with Xtreme Wear's Blue Me Away! and I Heart Nail Art Pens!


Apply 2 coats of Blue Me Away! (wait 3 minutes between each coat).


Draw daisy petal patterns using the White Pen.


Use the Orange and Yellow Pens to fill in the center of the daisies. 

Sally Inspires

1 day ago


this tutorial to see how tape helps create perfectly square, mess-free #nailart. The only other things you’ll need are #MiracleGel shades,
#CreamOfTheCrop and #TidalWave. When you want to switch looks, remove it like you would regular polish--no scraping! #

Just look at IG user kate.nailedit showing off her #nailart skills in this #MiracleGel #mani.
1 week ago