Half & Half


Half & Half

Add some bling to your manicure in just two steps with the I Heart Nail Art Glitter Kit!


Apply 2 coats of Breezy Blue (wait 3 minutes between each coat). Once the nail is completely dry, apply tape diagonally across the lower right half of the nail.


Apply top coat to exposed nail and apply Blue Glitter over the top coat while it is still wet. Allow top coat to dry for 15 minutes before removing the tape.

Sally Inspires

Summer is sticking around, so don't put the #OuchRelief away! Smooth skin looks good in the fall. http://t.co/AYQNPxNPWC
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2-step Miracle Gel™ was named Breakthrough Product of the Year, Best Home Gel Kit and Best Blue Nail Polish by @allure_magazine! Just something to look out for when you're flipping through the October issue! #BestOfBeauty #MiracleMani #GelMani

The secret to marbling? After your base color dries, blot plastic wrap over the wet second color. (via @AllWomenStalk)
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