I Heart Beads


I Heart Beads

Don't you LOVE the I Heart Nail Art Bead Kit as much as we do? This look is perfect for you!

Remember to use a base coat to make your nail art last longer!

Apply 2 coats of Debut-Tint (wait 3 minutes between each coat)


Using the Detailer Brush, paint a heart shape on the nail with Pumped Up Pink


Once the nail is dry, apply top coat over the heart shape and apply Pink Beads while the top coat is still wet. Allow the top coat under the beads to dry completely


Apply top coat to remaining exposed nail around the heart and apply Multi-Colored Beads while the top coat is still wet

Sally Inspires

Painting your nails shouldn't put your day at a standstill. #InstaDri dries in 60 seconds, so your social life never misses a beat.
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Our #iHeartNailArt sweetheart with her winning looks! Congrats to all the contestants and we can't wait to see more from @kmensi #SallyHansen #NailArt