Independent Woman


Independent Woman

Get ready for July 4th using the limited edition Color Frenzy™ collection!

Remember to use a base and top coat to make your nail art last longer!

Apply 2 coats of Red, White & Hue (wait 3 minutes between each coat).


Using the Striping Brush, paint a vertical stripe down the middle of the nail with White On.

Sally Inspires

2 hours ago


So many Miracle Gel™ colors, so little time! For a match made in #mani heaven, take our #MiracleMatch quiz and find a color that matches your unique personality. Take the quiz to find out!

A little prep goes a long way. Make sure to protect your cuticles from the cold weather ahead with our awesome #CuticleMassageCream.
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1 week ago


Nobody can match our excitement for our #FiredUpMetallics Miracle Gel™ line! We're addicted. #MiracleMatch #MiracleMani #mani #manicure