Mango Tango


Mango Tango

Make your nails pop this summer with accents of the limited edition Color Frenzy™ collection!

Remember to use a base and top coat to make your nail art last longer!

Apply 2 coats of Mellow Yellow (wait 3 minutes between each coat) and allow to dry completely. 


Apply tape horizontally across the base and vertically down the right side of the nail (in an “L” shape).  Apply 2 coats of Sun Kissed to the exposed area of the nail and allow to dry thoroughly before removing tape.


Apply tape in the same shape, now covering a portion of the Sun Kissed area. Apply 2 coats of White On to the exposed corner of nail and let dry completely before removing tape. 


Apply 2 coats of Fruit Spritz over the White On section of the nail.  

Sally Inspires

1 week ago


When your schedule's booked solid with holiday festivities, you need #InstaDri in your life. A 60-second #mani in the #SandStorm shade will do the job.

Opposites attract in @MissPopNails's Retro Vibes #nailart. Watch to get the Miracle Gel™ look: #MiracleMani
6 days ago
4 hours ago


Show off your holiday spirit with a gold-studded #MiracleMani using Miracle Gel™ in the #Purplexed and #PinkTank shades. Press play to see this #MiracleMatch happen. Thanks, @MissPopNails!