Melted Mani


Melted Mani

Use the Complete Salon Manicure Tropical Paradise collection to get the sultry melted look.


Apply 2 coats of Peach of Cake (wait 3 mins. between each coat).


Using a fine tip brush and the shade Ruby Do starting in the middle of the nail, paint 4 or 5 irregular lines (of different lengths).


Using the same shades, connect the lines at the tip at the nail and add two dots below the lines

Sally Inspires

Have a date tonight? #SugarShimmer in #BerriedUnder dries to a shimmery finish that's perfect for a special night out
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Inspired by our non-stop shine Triple Shine polish, we'll tell the stories of four amazing women who have stopped at nothing to achieve success and who always #ShineOn. First up is pro-surfer @ANASTASIAASHLEY an athlete who's proven that big wave surfing is not just an all boys club. Stay tuned for the full video reveal Friday! #nails #nailart