Neon Twist


Neon Twist

Twist up your nail art look using the I Heart Nail Art Glitter Kit!


Apply 2 coats of Blizzard Blue (wait 3 minutes between each coat)


Apply 2 coats of Hot Magenta as a wide French tip (wait 3 minutes between each coat)


Mix Blue Glitter with top coat on tin foil and use the Striping Brush to paint a thin French tip as well as a thin curve along the base of the nail

Sally Inspires

Do you aim for #manicure perfection or rely on post-mani cleanup? #NoJudgement
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#Repost @nanysklozet I rarely have the patience (or time) to do nail-art…but when the polish dries in just a minute, it's time to play! @Sally_Hansen #Maniinaminute #Instadri #sp

Got a minute? That's all you'll need for a beautiful #InstaDri mani in the #PetalPusher shade to dry.
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