No Cheetahs


No Cheetahs

Get wild using our I Heart Nail Art Tool Kit!


Apply 2 coats of Sun Kissed (wait 3 minutes between each coat)


Using the Dotting Tool, create small clusters of dots with Mint Sprint and allow to dry


Using Black Out, create black clusters around the green clusters

Sally Inspires

It’s time to show off those legs! Spray or smooth on #AirbrushLegs before putting on your new skirt.
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2 weeks ago


@nailsofthefuturelife wins at insanely shiny #nails. ✨She painted her #mani with #CompleteSalonManicure shade, #PeachOfCake. Show us what you got, and share your pics with #SallyStyle for a chance to get reposted here! #NOTD #nailsofinstagram