Oceanic Ombre


Oceanic Ombre

Look no further for the perfect glitter and ombre combination using the limited edition Color Frenzy™ collection!

Remember to use a base and top coat to make your nail art last longer!

Apply 2 coats of Blue Away! (wait 3 minutes between each coat) and let dry completely.


Using a small makeup sponge, lightly sponge one coat of Blue Me Away! starting from the tip of the nail and working your way down to the middle of the nail.


Apply a second coat of Blue Me Away! with the sponge, but only at the tip of the nail to create a faded effect.


Apply 1 coat of Sea Salt over the entire nail. 

Sally Inspires

The coolest #mani tip of the summer? Put your polish in the fridge 15 minutes prior to painting for a smoother application. #SallyTips
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