Pastel Smoothie


Pastel Smoothie

Gather all your best Sally Hansen pastel shades to create this marble look using our I Heart Nail Art Tool Kit!


Apply 2 coats of Pink Blink (wait 3 minutes between each coat)


Place drops of Mellow Yellow, Breezy Blue, Lacey Lilac, and Mint Sorbet across the entire nail


Before the color dries, use the Marbling Tool (fine tip end) to blend the shades

Sally Inspires

RT @MPnails: @AllLacqueredUp adam selman nails with miracle gel squiggles were pretty amazing #NailGlossip
6 days ago
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New Candy Tiger Stripe #MadelineMonday tutorial! Created by @MPNails using #InstaDri in the Plummet and Cherry Fast shades with a fine detail brush.