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Pink-A Dot


Pink-A Dot

Forget the typical polka-dot look- give this one a try using the I Heart Nail Art Bead Kit!


Apply 2 coats of Pink Blink (wait 3 minutes between each coat).


Apply top coat in small dots using the Dotting Tool across the nail. While the top coat is still wet, set small clusters of Multi-Colored Beads over the dots.

Sally Inspires

Get a slam dunk #mani with no light #MiracleGel color and top coat. Sports puns, amirite?
6 days ago
3 months ago


#MiracleGel color + MG top coat = nail polish soul mates. Together they give your #mani up to 14 days of color and shine. Get painting with #GameOfChromes from the #1 Zero Light Gel System. #nails

Got plans to get outta town? Smooth on #AirbrushLegs for gorgeous gams that wow wherever you wander.
1 week ago