The Right Angle


The Right Angle

Create this geometric Complete Salon Manicure look featuring shades from the Tropical Paradise collection!


Apply 2 coats of Get Juiced (wait 3 min. between each coat).


Use a fine tip brush to create a triangle shape on the right side of the nail using Peach of Cake (apply one coat only).


Using the shade Trouble Maker repeat step 2, painting a triangle on both sides of the nail just above the cuticle.

Sally Inspires

6 days ago


You're seeing the full picture. Miracle Gel™'s base color and top coat are the ultimate team for up to 14 days of color and shine. #RunwayShock #ShockWave shade #MiracleMani #MiracleMatch

Once you pick your fav #fall shade from our #CSM Designer collection, set your #mani with Dry & Go drops! #NailTip
16 hours ago