Sprinkle Tips


Sprinkle Tips

Candy coat your tips with the I Heart Nail Art Bead Kit!


Apply 2 coats of Bubblegum Pink (wait 3 minutes between each coat).


Apply top coat in an arch shape along the top of the nail. while the top coat is still wet, apply Multi-Colored Beads over the arch shape.

Sally Inspires

RT @vanillanita: I am in love with the @SallyHansen Miracle Gel nailpolish!! The colors are beautiful and the topcoat is sooo shiney .
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1 week ago


Time management is non-negotiable, so you need a polish that works on your schedule. 2-step Miracle Gel™ dries more easily than traditional gel, so you can get back to that email. #MiracleMani #MiracleMatch #ElectraCute