Get this sharp nail art look using the limited edition ColorFoil™ collection!

It is recommended to use ColorFoil™ without a base or top coat to achieve the optimal chrome effect!

Apply 2 coats of Cobalt Chrome (wait 3 minutes between each coat) and allow to dry thoroughly.  


Apply 2 coats of Sterling Silver in an inverted V shape across the tip of the nail, covering both sides of the tip. 


Using the Detailer Brush, apply Black Out in an inverted “V” shape at the base of the silver” V”. 

Sally Inspires

1 week ago


These nails only look like they took hours to do. With no light needed, Miracle Gel™ gives you extra time to show off your #MiracleMani. Look for the #StyleMaker shade at a major retailers near you.

3 days ago


The #CompleteSalonManicure Designer collection contains 16 new shades, and they're ready for fall. From orange and rose to deep green, you'll find a shade you love.