Ying Yang


Ying Yang

Spread some peace with this modern ying yang nail art using Xtreme Wear shades and the I Heart Nail Art Studs Kit!


Apply 2 coats of White On (wait 3 minutes between each coat) and allow to dry completely.


Apply tape to left half of the nail and apply 2 coats of Black Out to exposed half of nail (wait 3 minutes between each coat). Allow to dry completely.

TIP: Before applying adhesive tape, rub tape on the back of your hand to make it less sticky. This will ensure tape does not damage color coat.


Remove the tape from the nail and apply top coat to entire nail.


While the top coat is still wet, use the Pick Up Tool to apply the Crystal Studs along the black edge and the Black Studs along the white edge down the middle of the nail.

Sally Inspires

1 week ago


@luxebytracylee used a denim washing technique on the models'
nails at the @OfficialRodarte runway show. Have you tried it? #NYFW
#CompleteSalonManicure #PaleSand #PinkShell #DarkDenim

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1 week ago