Get Beautifully Bronzed with Instant Tanning Mousse

Get instant healthy color that develops in 1 hour for a natural tanned look lasting up to 7 days*. Leave skin looking smooth, hydrated, and beautifully bronzed with Sally Hansen Airbrush Sun® Instant Tanning Mousse. Apply Airbrush Sun® Instant Tanning Mousse for a gorgeous, natural-looking tan that’s streak-free and transfer-resistant. Our quick-drying mousse develops color in just 1 hour and lasts for up to 7 days*! It’s infused with coconut water extract to provide a natural, mild exfoliation for smooth hydrated skin and has no self-tanner odor. Shorten your tanning routine with Instant Tanning Mousse that dries in a minute. Click the link for Airbrush Sun® Instant Tanning Mousse the velvety, quick drying that blends flawlessly: *Lasts up to 3 weeks with repeated application once a week