The best-selling product is revolutionizing at-home manicures

Spring 2016

Looking for a revolutionary at-home manicure experience? Want a more chip resistant nail polish (up to 14 days of color and shine!) without a complicated process or fancy tool? Then look no further, because Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is the #1 zero light gel system and will forever change the way you think about gel nails. Quite simply, Miracle Gel is the hottest thing in nails, and here’s why everyone can’t stop talking about it…

The first thing you’ll hear from your friends about Miracle Gel is how easy it is to apply. Seriously! All it takes is two simple steps to get amazing gel nails:

Step 1 is picking from over 70 lush shades created specifically for Miracle Gel. Start with clean dry nails, and apply 2 coats of your Miracle Gel color. No base coat is needed!

Step 2 is to activate the curing of the gel with 1 coat of the Miracle Gel 2X volume Top Coat, and that’s it!  Then let nails dry like a regular nail polish.  Miracle Gel Color + Top Coat = More chip resistant than regular nail polish.  It’s just that easy.

Better yet, Sally Hansen’s exclusive, patented gel color system also provides Miracle Gel with extra benefits that make your perfect mani easy to maintain. For example, right away you’ll notice that Miracle Gel is more chip resistant than regular nail polish. That means your smooth gel look will stay flawless, no matter how busy your day gets. And not to mention, switching between gel shades is easier than ever because Miracle Gel removes just like regular nail polish. You get the same high gloss gel quality you’ve come to expect from gel, but with the ease of quick removal.

So what are you waiting for? Join millions of Miracle Gel users and experience for yourself why it’s the #1 zero light gel system.