Get the Look: Travel

November 2016

SH - How did you get inspired by the theme to create this look? 
MP - Initially I was going to do airplanenails but I decided to leave the airplane out and opt for something that would be more visually appealing but still hint to airplane travel 

SH - How is the topic of this theme relevant to you?
MP - I spend A LOT of time on airplanes and I love when youre souring through the clouds and it feels like you're in a philadelphia cream cheese commercial

SH - A moment in your life when you celebrated this theme (e.g. for travel where do you like to travel for inspiration, for empowerment, who is your role model/inspiration, for achievement, what’s been the greatest nail success, for food your favorite restaurant or cuisine just now, and for friends how you and your friends like to get together and spend time). 
MP - This summer I went on an amazing trip to Greece with 12 of my best friends! It was incredible

Products used: Miracle Gel in Sugar Fix, Get Mod


How to apply

  • 1

    Paint two coats of the color Suagr Fix 

  • 2

    Pour out a small puddle of Get Mod and use a large dotting tool or the end of a pen to paint connected dots in cloud shapes. 

  • 3

    Clean up any excess spillage from the sides of the nails and finish with a coat of Miracle Gel™ Top Coat