Negle der knækker

Tørre, skrøbelige negle vil knække ofte pga. mangel på mineraler, næring og fugt.

Hvordan påfører du


Dry, brittle nails will crack frequently due to a lack of minerals, nutrients and hydration. Apply Sally Hansen’s original nail treatment Hard as Nails to a bare nail plate and to the underside of nail tips. The strengthening treatment gives nails extra protection and a smooth surface to help prevent chipping.


Nourish Cuticles in the AM and PM with a dab of Healthy Cuticles Now! Apply on each nail, massage into cuticles. Vitamins and moisturizing aloe formula conditions and nourishes the driest cuticles. Hard as Nails and Healthy Cuticles Now! will deliver the proper and necessary hydration to cracked nails.