Sexy Curls

Crimp, curl, widen & wink

Sexy Curls

Crimp, curl, widen & wink


Sexy curls

  • Precision curler with optimal control
  • Lash curler head shape makes it easy to view and use
  • Redesigned hinge does not sit on or pinch cheek like competitors
  • Includes a refill pad

Dramatic, eye-opening curl. Optimal control and visibility. Comfortable to use. Steady spring-loaded grip.

How to apply

  • 1

    Before crimping, make sure pad is in place. 

  • 2

    Place curler as close to upper lid as possible. 

  • 3

    Close handles slowly and squeeze tightly for 10-20 seconds. 

  • 4

    Double metal finger loops provide controlled comfort. 

  • 5

    For more curl, repeat.

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