Chipping Nails

How to apply


When nail lacquer is applied to a properly prepared nail surface, interfacing occurs. Interfacing is also referred to as the adhesion of nail lacquer to the natural nail surface area. Improper preparation of the nail plate and improper application techniques prevent good adhesion thus causing nail lacquer to chip. Apply 1 coat of No Chip Acrylic Top Coat with added acrylic like protection to seal and protect your Sally Hansen Manicure.


Problem Cuticle Remover easily dissolves the most excessive stubborn cuticles apply around cuticle and under nail plate. Wait 3-5 minutes and enjoy washing away stubborn troublesome cuticles. Prep is Paramount! Overgrowth of cuticle interferes with polish adhesion. A clean dry smooth nail surface ensures best nail color adhesion. By eliminating cuticles with Cuticle Problem Remover and protecting your Sally favorite Sally Hansen nail color with No Chip Top Coat your guaranteed to keep your manicure fresh and intact for up to 10 days.