Salon Effects Perfect Manicure

You don't need to be born with beautiful nails to have them! Elevate your look with flawless, ready to wear nails. Available in 24 on-trend designs and best-selling shades.

Buff and Tumble SELECT YOUR SHADE/ 30


1. MATCH: Before applying, find the best size for each nail.  ​ 2. PREP​: Wash hands with soap and water and dry thoroughly. Use the included accessories to prep nails. Wooden stick to push back cuticles. Nail file to smoothen nail edges and buff nails. Prep pad to clean nails for better adhesion. 3. APPLY: If using adhesive tabs, match adhesive tab size with nail. Peel clear backing off the tab. Apply adhesive tab to the natural nail then you can properly line up the artificial nail. Press down artificial nail on natural nail, in the center and at both sides at the same time. Press firmly and hold for at least 30 seconds​. If using the glue, apply an even layer of glue to natural nail and artificial nail. Press and hold for at least 30 seconds with even pressure to entire nail to secure adhesion. 4. For best wear: Press nails down several times and avoid exposing nails to lotions, oils or water for at least 1 hour after application. 5. TO REMOVE For adhesive tab application: to remove, apply nail polish remover around edges and wait 1 minute and gently remove the artificial nail using the cuticle stick. For glue application: to remove, apply nail polish remover between the artificial nail and natural nail and wait 1 minute. Once the artificial nail is loose, gently release the artificial nail using the cuticle stick.​