Hack the trend

November 2017

Every month Sally Hansen’s Global Color Ambassador Madeline Poole takes the latest fashion trends from the runway and brings them to your nails. This winter, she recommends you try out Nail Bracelets for an on-trend mani, right at home! This season on the catwalks, the Grecian trend was back and better than ever. Designers like Chanel topped off feminine draped gowns with hints of gold, while Stella McCartney made a statement by contrasting deep blue with metallic detailing. This contrast of colours and textures inspired Madeline Poole to create Nail Bracelets, the perfect evening nail-look this season. This mani will add the finishing touch to any party dress; match with gold jewellery and accessories for full-on Holiday season glamor! For an on-trend mani that cares while you wear, use Color Therapy™. The patented Argan Oil formula fuses intensive nourishment and instant moisture for healthy looking nails. All colors in the collection were specially devised by Madeline Poole. For Nail Bracelets, she recommends using rich navy Good As Blue, accented with metallics Glow With The Flow and Therapewter. It’s easy to create this look at home, with no special tools required. All you’ll need is Color Therapy™ in Good as Blue, Therapewter and Glow With the Flow, and a regular toothpick. SHOP NOW

How to Apply


Apply a coat of Color Therapy™ in Good as Blue, allow to dry.


Grab a toothpick.


Dip the toothpick into Glow With The Flow.


Paint on the bracelet motif, allow to dry.


Use a fresh toothpick to apply a dot of Therapewter on the bracelets on each nail.