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The secrets of using waxes

Our gentle, easy-to-use waxes grip the hair and not the skin. You'll get perfectly smooth results that last up to 8 beautiful weeks! Thanks to pampering ingredients like vitamins and botanical extracts, our formulas soften even the most coarse, stubborn hair so it lifts away with ease.

The best news yet: Sally Hansen offers the largest variety of waxes. Whether you're a waxing maven or a first timer, if you have coarse of baby fine fuzz, sensitive skin or normal skin... You're sure to find the perfect wax for you.

Getting Started

For best results, hair should be at least 1/4" long (5-10 days growth depending on the area). If hair is longer than 1/2", trim it before waxing to avoid tangling and pulling. For maximum effectiveness, skin should be dry and free of oil. If your skin is naturally oily or if you are waxing an area that perspires easily, dust the area lightly with powder before waxing.

Wax Strip Hair Removers

Pre-waxed strips are the quickest, easiest way to away unwanted hair. These strips come pre-loaded with the perfect amount of wax. It's as easy as 1-2-3... Hair-free!
1) Rub Strips
2) Peel Apart
3) Press On and Pull Off!

Complete Waxing Kits

Sally Hansen offers a variety of waxing kits that come complete with everything you need to remove unwanted hair. Choose from our Pre-wax Strips, no microwave needed, to Wax formulas that can be used by microwaving in just seconds. They lift away even the shortest, coarsest hair with ease! You'll get professional salon results at home with any kit you choose.

Preparing Your Wax

If you're using Pre-waxed Strips, rub the double sided strip gently between your hands for approximately 10 seconds. Your natural body heat will help warm the wax so it's ready to use. Our Hard Waxes can be microwaved warm in just seconds - Your choice! If you're using a microwave formula wax, follow the instructions carefully to get the wax to the right temperature for use. Always test on the inside of your wrist before you apply a large amount to the skin. Wax should be warm, but never hot.


Always begin waxing by determining the direction of hair growth If you're using pre-waxed strips, peel them apart. Now you have two! set one aside. Apply one strip to the skin, smoothing in the direction of hair growth. Stroke the strip firmly a few times from top to bottom to be sure the strip grips the unwanted hair.

If you're using a microwavable wax, use the included spatula to spread a thin layer on the skin in the direction of hair growth. Immediately apply the cloth removal strip on top of the applied wax and stroke firmly to adhere the wax to the strip.

For our stripless wax formulas, spread the wax directly onto skin in the direction of hair growth. Leave a thicker amount of wax at the bottom of the applied wax. You will use this part to easily grip and remove the wax. For areas where hair grows in many directions like underarms and bikini area, work in small sections.

Lifting Hair Away

For our pre-waxed strips and wax strip kits, hold skin taut, grip the bottom of the strip and quickly remove the strip in the opposite direction of which you applied it. Do not pull strips or wax up and away from skin. Pull horizontally across skin for best results.

When using stripless wax, allow to cool for 10-15 seconds before removing. Hold skin taut, grip the thick end of the applied wax, and quickly lift away. Do not pull strips or wax up and away from skin. pull horizontally across skin for best results. Make Sure to keep the strip or stripless wax as close to the skin as possible. Use a fresh amount of stripless wax, until all unwanted hair is removed. You may need to re-heat microwavable waxes between applications. If you feel a slight sting after hair is removed, immediately apply gentle pressure to the area with the palm of your hand.

Cleaning up!

Saturate a cotton ball with Azulene Finishing Oil or use the Azulene Oil Finishing Wipes provided in your kit. This will soothe the skin, and lift away any wax residue. Your smooth results will last up to 8 beautiful weeks. You may wax as often as you need to, but always wait 24 hours before re-washing the same area. If there are a few stray hairs, you can simply pluck them away with tweezers. A little redness and sensitivity is normal after waxing. Your skin will be back to normal in just a few hours.