Ouch-Relief Wax Strip Kit For Face

The easiest, fastest wax strips without an ouch!

Ouch-Relief Wax Strip Kit For Face

The easiest, fastest wax strips without an ouch!

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Ouch-Relief Wax Strip Kit for Face

Results last up to 8 weeks! (Individual results may vary)
Innovative Pain Relief Technology wipes help minimize pain while waxing.
Significantly reduces the appearance of hair re-growth
Works on short hair
No microwave, no mess

Get hair free for up to 8 weeks* with minimal pain! New Ouch-Relief Wax Strip Kit for Face features innovative Pain Relief Technology wipes that help minimize pain while waxing. The pre-waxed cloth strips contour to your face for easy and effective hair removal. *Individual results may vary.

How to apply

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    Wash area where hair is to be removed with soap and water. Thoroughly pat dry. Rub the Pain-Relief Technology™ pre-treatment wipe over the same area to soothe and prepare skin before hair removal. Wait 10 minutes to allow the treatment to dry and to be the most effective for pain relief.  

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    Rub the wax strip between your hands to warm the wax. Slowly peel the strips apart.  

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    Determine direction of hair growth and PRESS ON wax strip firmly in the direction of hair growth.  

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    Hold skin taut with one hand. With the other hand, PULL OFF wax strip in opposite direction of hair growth. Keep your hand as close to the skin as possible. If the strip is peeled off too slowly, wax will remain on skin and hair will not come off. Immediately apply firm pressure to the waxed area with fingertips or the palm of your hand to reduce reddening.  

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    After waxing is complete, remove any wax residue and help to remoisturize the skin with a small amount of Azulene Finishing Oil on a cotton ball or tissue. NOTE: to avoid irritation, do not apply more than once to the same spot in a 24-hour period. Dispose of used strips after removing all unwanted hair. Do not save after use. Use fresh, new strips the next time you need to remove unwanted hair Instructions  

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